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Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary scholarships support graduate students earning a degree in theology and ministry and we are grateful to the generous benefactors who have made these awards possible. 



Tuition scholarships are available to full time and part time degree-seeking students registered for consecutive terms. Tuition scholarships range from 40% to 100% for full time, degree-seeking students. Tuition scholarships range from 20% to 40% for part time degree-seeking students.



A grant from Lilly Endowment helps to fund up to 8 students to live together in an intentional community.  This community-building experience draws on the 1500-year Benedictine practice of coming together in community to seek God and live as disciples.  Just as significantly, it will translate the practice to life outside the monastery, whether it be in parishes, small groups, intentional communities, virtual communities, or new communities beyond existing structures.

The Fellowships include a tuition scholarship of up to 100% and a $2,500 living stipend.  The awards are reserved for full time, degree-seeking students registered for a minimum of 9 credits for two consecutive academic semesters.  

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Full time degree-seeking applicants, referred by an alum of Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, are eligible for a tuition scholarship between 80% to 100% for consecutive academic terms.  

Alums, steeped in the spirit of Saint John's, understand the school's dedication to the life-long pursuit of wisdom as well as the ongoing commitment to the academic, spiritual, pastoral, social, and professional formation of lay and ordained ministers.  Alums are well positioned to recommend women and men who would excel in theology and ministry.

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Saint John's commitment to the vocation of Lay Ecclesial Ministry and the theological and professional education of women and men for this ministry, Saint John's offers tuition scholarships for Master of Divinity. These special awards range from 60% to 100% of the cost of tuition for up to seven consecutive academic terms of full time study.

In partnership with the USCCB and 40 other national ministry organizations, Saint John's hosted two National Symposia on Lay Ecclesial Ministry. 

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Through the generosity of Frank and Julia Ladner, Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary established a scholarship fund to encourage students to engage in public service informed by a life of faith and a serious theological understanding of the Catholic tradition and its concern for the common good.  The goal of the assistance is to prepare students to work for the common good of all God's people, whatever their faith or nation, to build bridges rather than walls, and to be agents of hope and community building.

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Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary recognizes that volunteer service leads to deep discernment about how we fit into the world and what we can do to help make it a better place.  This program supports volunteers in service by walking along your service journey with you and introducing you to volunteers in other service organizations.  The course provides content to help you navigate and reflect on your experience in volunteer ministry at the margins of society. This tuition scholarship award is 100% for student-volunteers accepted into the course.

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Saint John's offers members of religious communities the opportunity to simultaneously earn a Master of Arts in Theology and a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction.  The program requirements may be done through a combination of online and on campus coursework. Religious may also earn a certificate in Scripture, Liturgy or register for courses for personal and professional enrichment.

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Special scholarships are available to members of the Youth in Theology & Ministry (YTM) Cohort.



A donor-designated fund provides scholarships for monastic seminarians that reduce the cost of tuition by 25%-60% and deacon candidates from the Diocese of St. Cloud are eligible for special scholarships through a partnership with the St. Cloud diaconate program.