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Interested in using Canvas apps in your course? Resources: how do I use the Canvas App Center in a course? and how do I configure an Canvas Speedgrader/Grading Canvas on a Mobile Device
Historically, many Canvas users have had some success (with some performance limitations based on IP throttling, not imposed by Canvas/AWS), and even greater success leveraging VPN services
Canvas Basics ‐Outline Logging in to Canvas 1. Go to the A-Z index, C click Canvas (This will be under tools in the future) 2. Tpe in services/instructional design/canvas basics handout.pdf
Recording of a CSB/SJU training Instructors can set a due date for Canvas Assignments. Canvas Assignments without a due date will be categorized Points can be assigned to any Canvas Assignments except
add a rubric to a quiz, follow the directions in the Canvas Guide article How do I add a rubric to a You can export and import quizzes in canvas from the Settings menu on the left hand side of your
NOTE: To create group discussions in Canvas, you will first have to create  group sets and  groups.  In this session work with Canvas tools such as assignments, discussions and collaborations.
Canvas Collaborations allows students to work together on a single Office 365 (Word, Excel, or In this session work with Canvas tools such as assignments, discussions and collaborations
COVID-19 Resources and Fall 2020 Information Assign a librarian a role in Canvas. The librarian can remind students to set up research Other options for linking the library into Canvas include:
Canvas Instructors Guide to using the Gradebook In this session learn how to work with Canvas grading. Learn how the gradebook works, how to hide  – all you need to know about Canvas
Canvas Working With Grades 1. First, add an Assignment to have something to grade. a. From the left been submitted. Mute an Assignment By default, Canvas allows students to see assignment grades as services/instructional design/canvas working with grades handout.pdf

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