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History Major & Minor

The past matters. The discipline of history works to understand the past on its own terms and reveals its relevance for the present.The CSB/SJU History program supports the liberal arts mission by providing students with insight into the human condition while also building skills in critical analysis and effective communication.  We lead students into an empathetic encounter with the past and engage them in the practice of historical interpretation. Together we imagine and reconstruct people's lives across place and time and within diverse circumstances.  In these ways, the History program supports the colleges' commitment to global education and cultural literacy. We cultivate an understanding of how the past molds but does not determine the present, and we examine how current realities are historically constructed rather than naturally given.  By encouraging students to recognize complexity and question the status quo, we prepare them to become effective citizens and contribute to the common good.  Ultimately, the History program nurtures the curiosity and careful thinking that prepare students for a thoughtful and aware life. Read more.

CSB/SJU History Majors Get Great Jobs!

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Father Vincent Tegeder Award

 Fr. Vincent Tegeder

 For thirty-three years Father Vincent was the mainstay of the CSB/SJU History Department at Saint John's University (1946-1979). He was chairman of the History Department from 1954 until 1973 and later served as the Abbey and University Archivist for many years.  With his booming voice and hearty laugh he was loved and appreciated by all his students.   The History Department is honored to present this award to the student who best reflects an original and substantial research project.      

 The 2016 winner of the Tegeder Award was Sarah Weber. Her thesis was done on Russia's Soviet era, and is titled "Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Impact on Soviet Memory of the Gulag."