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SJU Residential Life and Housing

Upper-class Move In: Saturday August 27

Key Pick-Up Locations and Times:

Flynntown Area: Please pick up your keys from the McKeown Center between 9 AM and 2 PM. After 2 PM you will need to go to Life Safety.

Upper Campus: Please pick up your keys in Sexton (table on the first floor) between 9 AM and 2 PM. After 2 PM you will need to go to Life Safety.


Parking Information:

Please connect with Life Safety regarding parking and permit questions and concerns you may have. The number 320-363-2144.


Cable TV:

We are very excited about the new channel line-up we have for our residents as we enter the academic year. To see if you TV is compatible or if you have questions, please follow this link: Cable TV


Room Condition Reports

All residents should log in to the portal page and complete their room condition reports. Residents have until Friday September 2 to complete these forms. Completing the room condition reports is very important and it allows you to give feedback on the state of your residence upon arrival. We also use this information when processing student damages when residents check out at the end of the semester/academic year.


International and Out of State Student Storage

It's that time of year! Pick up your belongings from International and Out of State Student Storage. The storage area will be open on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday, August 27: 4pm-6pm
    Sunday, August 28: 3pm-6pm
    Monday, August 29: 3pm-6pm
    Tuesday, August 30: 4pm-6pm
    Wednesday, August 31: 4pm-5pm
    Thursday, September 1: 4pm-5pm

**If you need access to the storage space prior to the dates above please contact Residential Life and Housing at 320-363-3512 and arrange an appointment between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 am Monday through Friday.


Staying for Thanksgiving Break (November 22 - November 27)?

The Residence Halls close for Thanksgiving Break from November 22 at 8pm to November 27 at 9am. Students are required to complete a break request form if they intend to be within the residence halls for any period of time over the Thanksgiving Break. Typically, only student employees, international students, out of state students, on-campus student employees, student athletes, and academic related reasons are granted access to stay over Thanksgiving Break. All other cases are approved on a case by case basis.

The last day to submit a Thanksgiving Break Stay request is Wednesday November 16. If you submit a request after the deadline, you will be charged a $25 processing fee.

Thanksgiving Break Request Form

Extended Stay Policy

All CSB/SJU student guests are allowed to visit from 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily during all break periods. All non-CSB/SJU guests are not permitted during all break periods.

Students who request access to the residence halls without permission will have a $25 key-in fee assessed to their student account. Unapproved students will also be charged $25 per day up to $100 per week if they stay within the residence halls without approval.