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CSB Residential Life and Housing

Summer Housing for Students at CSB

CSB students living on the St. Ben’s campus for the 2017 summer can apply for summer housing in Centennial Commons, Wirth and Zierden ApartmentsStudents must be enrolled and registered for classes for the fall 2017 semester to be elegible for summer housing at CSB. A limited amount of temporary housing is available for CSB students in Dominica until June 1st. Students utilize temporary housing for a variety of reasons including short summer courses, completion of student teaching requirements, athletics, accommodation of travel plans, or preparation for the NCLEX exam.

Centennial Apartments are four-person, four bedroom apartments. Wirth and Zierden apartments available to students are four-person, two-bedroom apartments. All spaces will be filled within each apartment. All available spaces will be filled in each apartment. Single applicants may select or be assigned any open housing spaces.​

Visit our Summer Housing site for more information on Student Summer Housing

Break Information 2016-2017 Calendar

All CSB Residence Halls close during break periods as outlined in the Campus Housing Agreement. We hope that you will take these opportunities during the year travel, go home or to visit friends or relatives away from campus during break periods. If you have friends who are from out of state or who are international students, we encourage you to extend an invitation to travel or come home with you during breaks.  Please remember, during break periods the halls are closed and campus services are very limited.  Access to food service is limited or not available at times during breaks and other amenities are not available as well.

The Residence Halls are closed for breaks during the following periods:

Thanksgiving Break  

Nov. 22 (8 p.m.) - Nov. 27, 2016 (9 a.m.)

Semester Break

Dec. 20 (8 p.m.) - Jan. 15, 2017 (9 a.m.)

Spring Break

Mar. 3   (8 p.m.) - Mar. 12, 2017 (9 a.m.)

Summer Break

May 12, 2017 (6 p.m.)

Click here to access the Break Stay-Early Return Request Form

Visit our Break Information Page for additional information and to see whats open during break.

Off Campus Release Process for 2017-2018

Students who wish to live off campus next year (2017-2018) need to participate in the off campus release process this fall. Please review the timeline below and follow the appropriate link for more details.

  • Early September - Off-campus housing request form available 
  • October 15 - All off-campus housing request forms due
  • November 15 - Notice of off-campus release offers
  • December 15 - Acceptance/Decline of off-campus release offers due  

For more information about off-campus housing and the selection process see the Off Campus Housing Page

2016-2017 Calendar

Dates to remember!

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