CSB Residential Life and Housing

Room Selection

Room Selection is the process through which returning students select housing for the next academic year.  There are many parts to room selection including Pre-Selection, Senior Majority Selection, Suite Selection and regular Room Selection. Students can also apply for Intentional Living Community and special conditions. Students are encouraged to review the Room Selection policy and procedures sent to them via email, listed on our websites and by attending information sessions.

Visit our Room Selection page to begin.

Summer Housing at CSB

CSB and SJU students can apply to live on the St. Ben’s campus for the 2018 summer. Information on housing choices, costs and registration deadlines can be found on our CSB Summer Housing page.

Residence Halls close: Friday, May 11, 2018

With the exception of graduating seniors and those moving to summer housing, residents need to check out on or before halls close.  All students are to check out of their hall within 24 hours of their last final.

Need to stay later? Students should watch their email for information on how to request a late stay.

Residents will need to pack their room, clean and be ready to leave at the time of checkout. Plan ahead, start bringing home winter items, and bring large items home the weekends prior to closing. Be prepared, so that during finals week, students can focus on their tests and papers having already packed up and brought most of their items home!

Please also visit the CSB End of Year Closing Information page: https://www.csbsju.edu/csb-residential-life/current-student-information/eoy-closing

2017-2018 Calendar

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