College of Saint Benedict Marie and Robert Jackson Fellows Program

Our Mission

To empower students with opportunities to serve the common good through community engagement, collective learning, and leadership and professional development.

The Jackson Fellows Story

In 2008, the College of Saint Benedict received an anonymous gift to establish the Marie and Robert Jackson Fellows Program. Students with varying majors, interests, and experience are selected through an application and interview process to be part of a cohort of Jackson Fellows. Each Fellow serves at a community site for the summer. All fellowships involve civic engagement and work devoted to improving community life. The diversity of the site placements and the type of work and leadership required from each Jackson Fellow serves to create a rich, vibrant, and holistic learning environment.

2017 Cohort

2017 Jackson Fellows

Front row (left to right): Angie Schmidt Whitney (Co-Director), Felicia Mix, Skylar Peyton, Allie Kanyetzny, Mariana Urbina, Arantxa Hernandez-Chaire, Sandra Marceleno, Jarol Torres, Khadra Ahmed, Quinton Johnson, Danica Simonet, Briana Ziemer, Mackenzie Kuhl, Emily Christian, Brendan Klein, Ashley Payne, Matt Lindstrom (Co-Director)

Civic Engagement Sites

Khadara Ahmed: MORE

Emily Christian: Eloise Butler Bird and Wildflower Sanctuary

Arantxa Hernandez-Chaire: Diversity Council

Quinton Johnson: Stearns History Museum

Allison Kanyetzny: Children’s Museum of South Dakota

Brendan Klein: Growth and Justice

Mackenzie Kuhl: Health East Care System in St. Paul

Sandra Marceleno: Little Village Community Council

Felicia Mix: Open Cities Health

Ashley Payne: Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (Los Angeles, CA)

Skylar Peyton: Wolf Ridge

Danica Simonet: New American Services Program, Catholic Charities

Jarol Torres: Legal Rights Center in Minneapolis

Mariana Urbina: Immigrant Law Center

Briana Ziemer: Boys & Girls Club of Brookings, SD