What is Handshake?


Handshake is a leading career platform used with over 400 colleges and more than 200,000 employers. It is an online database where students and alums can browse for opportunities (jobs, internships, full and part-time service, fellowships and experiential learning), apply online, research companies and graduate schools, and schedule on-campus interviews. 

Faculty and Staff are welcome to access Handshake and view its contents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What can a faculty member view in Handshake?
  • Faculty members can see Handshake as the students do including the posted positions, the On-Campus Interviewing schedule, and a career calendar. Also, students can store documents (resumes, cover letters, transcripts, ...) in their Handshake account.
What types of positions are posted in Handshake?
  • Positions include full-time jobs, internships, full-time service/volunteer opportunities, fellowships, summer jobs, part-time jobs, and undergraduate research opportunities.
How are positions posted in Handshake?
  • Companies/organizations that are interested in posting positions for CSB/SJU students and alums can create an account in Handshake. A staff member reviews the request to post; once approved, companies/organizations utilize their account to post their positions. 
If a faculty member is speaking to an alum or employer who wants to post a position, what should the faculty member suggest the alum or employer do as a next step?
  • Many organizations already have an account in Handshake, so a first step is to have them check with their organization about a Handshake account. If the organization has an account, we recommend adding CSB/SJU to your list of "Your Schools". If the organization does not have an account, the alum/employer should create an account in Handshake.
How is the CSB/SJU On-Campus Interview (OCI) program and Handshake connected?
  • Companies decide if they are going to recruit via our On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) program. XPD works extensively with companies to encourage their use of OCI; however, the company decides whether or not this is a program they'll utilize.  Typically only companies with larger hiring needs participate in OCI.  The OCI program is run through Handshake.  Companies work with XPD to schedule an OCI date(s); the information about the company, the opportunities they'll recruit for on campus, and the qualifications are listed on Handshake. Students can access the company information and, if they are interested and qualified, must apply through Handshake.  The company reviews the applications via Handshake and then contacts the students. The specific student interviews are then scheduled in Handshake.
How do I request access?
  • To learn more and request access to Handshake, visit our Handshake 101 page.