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Mission Statement

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University's Writing Center exists to help students write better papers and become better writers. We offer an informational atmosphere where students can bring questions to their peers. Our one-on-one sessions allow both the tutor and the student to work through procedures and strategies in order to help improve the student's writing abilities. We are resources in all stages of the writing process, from brain-storming to perfecting a final draft. We do not proofread papers; rather, we believe in the value of teaching students how to brainstorm, how to organize their thoughts, how to clarify their assertions, how to recognize and fix their grammar mistakes, and so on. We believe in teaching students skills they can use in all their writing. Each session is intended to reach beyond a specific assignment.

How to become a tutor:
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What We Do

Our peer tutors can help you:

  • at all points in your writing
  • with organization and development
  • with style and mechanics
  • learn to write clearly and effectively

Still have questions? See, our Powerpoint introduction, our list of what peer tutors can and cannot do, or stop by the Writing Center today!

How to Contact Us

CSB Writing Center
        HAB 103
        Phone: 363-5499

SJU Writing Center
Quad 263
        Phone: 363-2711

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