Embrace Difference Series

Undergraduate Research is demonstrating our commitment to inclusion and anti-racism by bringing you a special series this year that highlights research and creative work that aligns with our institutional learning goal of Embrace Difference.” During this year's event, you will find poster presentations and live sessions that address topics of identity awareness, power and privilege, inclusivity, and cultural agility. We hope you will engage with these presentations to learn and hear new perspectives, moving us all toward appreciation of human differences.

Here from our students on how they have Embraced Difference through their research this year:

Campus Involvement and the Racial Diversity of Social Networks -- Daniel Bachmeier

10:00am Live Session

How Does This Project Embody Our Goal of"Embrace Difference?"
At the heart of this project is a concern with how/whether students are embracing racial and ethnic diversity on campus. Although this view is not idealized, it draws upon the perspective of students who prioritize embracing diversity in their lives. For this reason, I would categorize this project as one whose central focus is the embracing of difference.

Los Estudiantes Excepcionales y la Educación Bilingüe: Una Investigación de los Beneficios/Exceptional Students and Bilingual Education: An Investigation of the Benefits -- Krystiana Connelly

10:00am Live Session 

How Does This Project Embody Our Goal of "Embrace Difference?"
My project advocates for the inclusion of neuro-diverse or exceptional students in a bilingual classroom. Bilingual education celebrates and incorporates diversity - of language, culture, and background - to create a space of inclusive learning. Such a celebration of diversity should not exclude any group of students.

Revitalizing Native Seeds: Dream of Wild Health's Mission to Reconnect Native Youth to Cultural Traditions through Agriculature -- Faith Gronda 

12:00pm Live Session

How Does This Project Embody Our Goal of "Embrace Difference?"
Native food sovereignty and seed revitalization is a topic that is immensely underrepresented in discussion. This project embraces difference by providing information and education on this extremely important subject.

Additional Embrace Difference Sessions Include:

  • How Tribal Governmens Responded to COVID-19 -- Fredi Ponce Parra -- Poster Session
  • Exploring Gender Affirming Surgical Procedures -- Malia Carriker -- Poster Session
  • Personality and Susceptibility to Positive and Negative Emotions When Reading Narratives -- Yunyiyi Chen -- Poster Session 
  • Heroes and Anti-Heroes -- Elizabeth Boyd, Mx Ditzler, JAc Mateja, Kennneth Williamson -- 1:00pm Live Session
  • No More Elegies -- Dr. Chris Bolin and St. Paul Harding High School -- 1pm and 2pm Live Sessions 
  • Becoming Community Panel -- CSB/SJU Students, Faculty, & Staff -- 3pm Live Session