Special Events

Spring 2015



Fall 2014

Annual Theater Open House - Wednesday, August 27 from 4:30-6:00 pm

Location:  Darnall Amphitheater / rainsite Colman Theaer

24 Hour Play Festival - August 29-30, 2014

A huge success! 

Theater Production Talkback Schedule

 A requirement for all students involved in a theater productions.

Time: 4:30 pm in the BAC Colman Theater

  • Ubu: October 28
  • The Cherry Orchard:  November 24

Show and Tell

ALL ARE WELCOME! This is a chance for CSB/SJU students to showcase their latest theatrical endeavours! Prepare a monologue, rehearse a scene or two, write a play to read, choreograph a dance...the options are literally endless! Just show up and show off!

 October 21st    4:30-6:30  Studio Theater BAC

 (there will be a piano but no pianist/sound equipment)
 Come perform a monologue, a skit with your friends, improv a scene, sing sing sing, play an instrument, DANCE, stand on your head or WHATEVER YOU GOT!
 This is a super casual, come-hang-out-with-friends, let's have a jam session type of event. This is for FUN. With FUN people. Not a fan of the spotlight? Come to support your friends! Everyone is welcome-even if you don't want to share something this time.
 Pssssst....the department is considering putting a musical on the production line-up in the near future. So those of you that can sing-flex your vocalizers! Those who can dance-bust a move! This is a great CASUAL way to demonstrate that there is a large enough STUDENT INTEREST in musicals. Invite your friends who like musicals to join in the singing/dancing too! You can perform a duet. Or dance in a trio. Or sing and dance at the same time. Or with the whole group. THE POSSIBLITIES ARE ENDLESS.