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Presentation by Mary Gautier, Ph.D. from CARA Presented May 20-21 in Collegeville, MN Slide 1 AUTHORIZATION OF LAY ECCLESIAL MINISTERS A C A R A P R O J E C T F O R T H E C A N O N L AW S O C I E T Y gautier presentation- cara 10th anniversary.pdf
Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary Saint John's has a rolling admission policy.  The John's may be interested in the events offered through the Conversatio Lifelong Learning program.
Dawn Carrillo, D.Min. Director of Faith Formation and Liturgy Church of St. Mary’s, Melrose, MN              Dr. Barbara Sutton Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary program brochure 2.pdf process-supervisors.pdf
They call the program Conversatio, which is the monastic term for continuing growth in the life of Your gifts make it possible for programs like Conversatio to exist and give new life to parishes
Graduate Certificate in Liturgical Art and Architecture Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary Opportunities abound: courses, Conversatio Lifelong Learning seminars, conferences, lectures institute/mi 16/travel information.pdf institute/mi 16/2016 schedule.pdf institute/mi 16/2016 pricing.pdf
Saint John's School of Theology and into the pascal mystery of Christ. Obedience, conversatio, and stability will be explored in turn Monastic Profession: A Call to Conversatio in the Rule of Benedict