Program Outcomes

  1. Students will gain a general knowledge of the Christian theological tradition and of contemporary scholarship.
    • Students will understand and be able to use theological vocabulary and concepts in theological and ministerial discussions.
    • Students will be able to engage in research, writing, and oral exposition.
    • Students will demonstrate their grasp of an area of concentration and a secondary (minor) area through a comprehensive examination.
    • Students will develop an understanding of the global context of the Christian tradition, the ecumenical character of the Christian tradition, and the multicultural realities of contemporary society.
  2. Students will develop a critical, historically-rooted approach to theology.
    • Students will know how to read primary texts in the context of historical periods.
    • Students will be able to assess theological texts and materials critically.
    • Students will be aware of the social, cultural, and personal lens through which they interpret the tradition.
  3. Students will understand how theological study serves the ongoing life of the Church.