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Sociology Major

Sociology Minor

Anthropology Minor


Fall 2016

SOCI 111   Introduction to Sociology (SS)

TR                9:35 am- 10:55  am             Dr. Jim Makepeace                          

TR               12:45 pm-2:05 pm                Dr. Jim Makepeace                            

MWF           9:10 am-10:05 am                Dr. Michael Rosenbaum               

MWF           11:30 am-12:25 pm              Dr. Michael Rosenbaum               

Enter the fascinating world of Sociology.  This course provides a great introduction to the many intriguing subjects that sociologists study.  We look at a whole range of topics-from what the self is, how it develops, how the process of socialization works... to the  major institutions in society like education, the political system, and the economy... to the major forms of inequality affecting our lives in this society-race/ethnicity, gender, and class.  You will come to understand the science by which sociologists gather and analyze data, how they know what they know.  In the process, you will begin developing your own sociological imagination.  You'll be surprised how much you've always taken for granted about society... in better understanding how our world works, you'll be better able to take an active role in your own life. 


SOCI 121 Introduction to Anthropology (SS)  (IC)

           TR       9:35 am- 10:55 am           Dr. Ted Gordon         

           TR       12:45 pm- 2:05 pm           Dr. Ellen Block            

Anthropology is very broadly defined as the study of humankind across space and time.  The course units include four-field examinations of culture, race, human evolution, family and kinship, gender and sexuality, social hierarchy, nation-states, politics and violence, progress, and development.


SOCI 205 Quantity Method/ Analysis Social Science         

          MW  8:00 am-8:55 am            

               F   8:00 am-8:55 am                Dr. Jeff Kamakahi

This course will use a "hands on" approach by students to grapple with the quantitative analyses of data in the social sciences. Students will learn about the operationalization, computation, and transformation of variables. Students will create and test hypotheses using SPSS. They will also write up their results using a journal article format and give presentations of their results.


SOCI 250 Social Problems

           MWF 10:20 am-11:15 am             Dr. Jeff Kamakahi

This course provides an overview of the sociological study of social problems and issues, both in the United States and in global perspective. The course will examine the nature and causes of social problems as well as possible solutions. Theoretical and methodological perspectives used to analyze social problems will also be considered.


SOCI 319 Sex & Gender (GE) (Cross-listed with GEND 360 J)             

          TR 2:20pm- 3:40 pm                       Dr.  Sheila Nelson                               

A survey of sociological knowledge about sex and gender as fundamental organizing principles of our social world. Examines the interplay of sex, gender, and sexual orientation as they change over time and across cultures. Critical analysis of what it means to live as a gendered, sexual being in today's society.


SOCI 330 Family Violence (GE)                                          

      Wednesday night 6:15pm-9:15pm        Dr. James Makepeace                                     

Analysis of incidence, causes and treatment of major forms of family violence. With respect to child maltreatment (abuse, neglect, and exploitation), we will look at general theories, historical and cultural differences, sub-group variations, child protective services and legal perspectives, treatment, causation, and consequences. With respect to domestic (couple) violence, we will look at general theories, cultural and subcultural differences, incidence, dating and courtship violence, gender differences, therapeutic approaches, and social policies.


SOCI  337I Global Health, Culture, & Inequality

          TR  9:35am-10:55 am                         Dr. Ellen Block     

This course applies anthropological methods, theories and perspectives to the field of global health.  In particular, we will look at the inequalities that persist throughout the world's    populations, with clear geographical, economic and all-too-often ethnic and racial divides. 


SOCI 396  Sociology Capstone

             MW  1:50 pm- 3:10 pm                      Dr. Sheila Nelson                

An integrative academic experience which engages majors in key debates and issues of concern to sociologists. Preparation for the transition to graduate school and/or exploration of the applicability of sociology in the workplace. Students demonstrate mastery of core concepts, theoretical perspectives, and methods of the discipline through original research.