Sustainability at Saint John’s

Mission Statement

As a Benedictine institution, we take seriously our commitment to stewardship and to incorporating the goals of sustainability into every facet of life.  As a university, we have the duty to prepare students to be responsible citizens, prepared to meet the social, ethical, local and global challenges of today.  To these ends, the Office of Sustainability was created to help connect the Saint John’s community with the information and tools necessary to make our institution sustainable for generations to come.

The Office of Sustainability at SJU is committed to the effort of creating a sustainable campus by focusing on the triple bottom line: equity, economy and the environment.  The direction and knowledge for this effort comes from the Saint John’s Sustainable Campus Committee and our sustainability staff.


New Greenhouse Gas Inventory for SJU

The Office of Sustainability recently completed an updated inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from campus activity. The report includes emissions during SJU's fiscal year 2014 (July '13-June '14). The calculation takes into consideration many emission sources from busing to study abroad air miles and power generation to fertilizer use. The report shows a dramatic reduction in GHG emissions since Saint John's signed the ACUPCC agreement in 2007. Since the campus' first inventory was conducted in 2008, emissions had been slashed by over 56%. SJU is well on its way to meeting the pledge of carbon neutrality by 2035. The complete report can be found here.


2015 Campus Conservation Nationals Results

2015 CCN Results


Recent News

  • The Sustainable Revolving Loan fund at SJU has saved over 121,800 kWh, 81 tons carbon Dioxide, and thousands of dollars since its creation in 2010.
  • The SJU Office of Sustainability hired Jacob Saffert in May 2014 for the sustainability fellow position during the 2014-15 academic year.
  • The Office of Sustainability implemented the Energy Corps surge protector project during spring 2014 in an effort to reduce phantom energy.
  • The SJU Eco-Houses are now managing the Winter Greenhouse, an effort to provide local produce to SJU Dining Services.
  • Zimride, an online carpooling program, is available to students. 
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