Out of State/International Students Resources

Breaks during the School Year

Q: If I am unable to go home over breaks, can I stay on campus?

St. John's residence halls close during the following breaks:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Semester Break (between fall and spring semesters)
  • Spring Break
  • Easter Recess

Housing is not available during break periods unless a student has requested break housing by the announced deadline prior to each break period. Residential Life and Housing will notify students via email if their requests are approved.

Food Options during Breaks

Q: What dining options will be available during breaks?

The Refectory at Saint John's is open 365 days a year. Sexton Dining may be open for limited hours during breaks.

The Gorecki Dining Center at St. Ben's is open for limited hours during breaks

Q: If I don't want to eat at the dining halls, where else can I eat?

There are a lot of restaurants in St. Cloud, but we also have some great options locally in St. Joe and Avon.

Q: Where you can buy groceries?

There are many options located in the St. Cloud area, but we have a few options in St. Joseph:

Summer Storage

Q: Can I store my belongings on campus over the summer?

We do have limited on campus storage available, on a first come, first serve basis. On campus storage is free, but there are also storage units for rent available in St. Joe and St. Cloud.

International/Out of State Student Storage Rules
This page requires a CSB/SJU username and password to access. If accessing from off-campus, it requires "ad\" before your username to access successfully.

Due to limited space, we cannot store the following items:

  • Computers, printers
  • Televisions
  • Appliances (i.e. fridges)
  • Electrical items
  • Furniture
  • Other large items

If you have these items to store please make arrangements with friends to store your items or rent a space from a local storage company:

If you are worried about where to store your fridge or microwave, please consider a microfridge rental from Bedloft.com

Local Transportation Options

Q: Are there local transportation options that I can access if I don't have car?

Yes, check out the local transportation options, they include:

  • CSB/SJU Link Bus - cost is $1, runs to St. Cloud on Saturday and Sunday
  • Executive Express - shuttle service to and from the airport
  • Jefferson Lines - bus service to and from the Twin Cities once each weekend
  • WE Car - pay an hourly or daily rate to rent a shared campus car

Local Banking Options

Q: What are my local banking options?

There are many banks and credit unions in the local area. Many of them will require a car or mobile banking for easy access. However, there is a branch of our local credit union located on campus:

There are ATM machines located on both campuses that can be used for cash withdrawals.

Local Cellular Services

Q: What is the best cellular provider for on campus?

There is excellent cellular service here  on campus. St. John's has a local tower on-campus providing service with all of the major providers. If you are looking for in-person customer service, there are many stores and authorized dealers for all major providers and many local providers located in St. Joseph and the St. Cloud area.

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