New and Transfer Student Information

Housing Timeline for New Students

Steps for new students and transfer students to follow when applying for housing

Make it Your Room

General information about SJU residence halls and policies

What You Can Bring

Information on what you can and cannot bring into the residence halls

Sharing a Space

An informational guide about living with a roommate

Out of State & International Student Resources

Answers to a few questions that often come up for a student who does not live locally

Campus Housing Agreement (lease)

This current student page requires a CSB/SJU username and password to access. If accessing from off-campus, it also requires "ad\" in front of your username.

Bed Loft and MicroFridge Rental Program Logo Students can rent a bed loft or MicroFridge for their residence hall room from  These products are a convenient, affordable way to maximize space and comfort.  Futons are also available for purchase. Order TODAY to guarantee free delivery AND assembly (bed loft only) before move-in day!

NOTE: MicroFridges and futons are available for ALL halls.  Bed Lofts are only available for the following halls:

  • Bernard Hall
  • Boniface Hall - Note: Bunked beds are not an option
  • Mary Hall
  • Patrick Hall - Note: Bunked beds are not an option
  • Tommy Hall

Note: Bunk beds are an option in all other residential areas. Most other locations contain furniture that come with lofting devices.

Bed Linen Program

On Campus Marketing gives students the option of preparing to live on campus with bed linen, shower, or other packages with the 'necessitites' of college life.

First Year Residence Halls

New students coming to SJU as freshmen will be living in either St. Thomas Aquinas "Tommy" or St. Mary "Mary" residence halls. Non-traditional freshmen and transfer students may have the option of living in upper-class housing. If you are unsure of which situation fits you, please contact the Residential Life and Housing Office.

Fall Move-in Information

SJU Student Mail

For new students who are not sure about how to fill your mailing address information, you can find your answers on SJU Mail center website.

If you are still not sure about your PO Box number, you can find it either through Banner Web Self Service or the Online Phone Book.


For first-year students, there will be an orientation session at the end of the summer, just before the semester begins. For more information, see the Fall Orientation website.

College Policies

SJU Campus Policies ( J-Book) outlines the University policies and guidelines.