Frequently Asked Questions



Release Process


What are the eligibility requirements for off-campus release?
The criteria for eligibility can be found here.

I am presently living off-campus, do I have to reapply to live off-campus again for next year?
Yes, living off-campus is a privilege that all students must reapply for each year. Students must continue to meet the criteria for eligilbity. Also note that living off-campus one year does not give you any advantage in the release process.

Rising Seniors (current Juniors): You have to reapply, but you will have advantage as part of the senior cohort, though no preference over others in the senior cohort.

Students living at home with parents: You have to reapply so that we know of your continued desire to live at home with your parents. If you do not wish to continue to live at home, you must apply for exemption from the residency requirement as any other student.

Non-traditional students (usually 23 years of age or older): You have to reapply so that we know of your continued desire to remain living off-campus.

I am a transfer student, am I eligible to apply for off-campus release?
Yes, if you transfer with one or more years of experience at another insitution of higher education, you are eligible to apply during the fall semester for off-campus release the following academic year. Each individual request will be reviewed to determine which cohort, rising junior or rising senior, you would fit into.

I am a first-year student with college credits from high school, am I eligible to apply for off-campus release?
No, the off-campus release process is based on number of years as a full-time student in college. Credits have no bearing in this exemption process, but may positively impact your class registration and on-campus housing selection.

I am not satisfied with the rationale and/or decision of the residency requirement exemption committee, can I appeal?
Yes, you have 5 business days from the date of your denial notification to appeal with the online form.


When should we form groups to live off-campus?
Once students are deemed eligible as individuals, these students will be able to form groups which will remain together through the completion of the release process.

Is there a maximum group size allowed in the release process?
Yes, we have determined the maximum group size to be 6 students. This will allow groups who are not selected to live off-campus  to transition more easily into the on-campus housing selection process in the spring.

Release Process

Is there preference in the release process for seniors?
Yes, during the release process, we will exhaust the pool of eligible seniors and/or senior only groups before moving on to the pool of eligible senior majority,  juniors and/or junior groups.

What happens if we have a group consisting of both juniors and seniors?
After we exhuast all the elligible seniors and senior only groups, we will move offer off campus release to senior majority groups. A Senior Majority is defined as 51% of the group (i.e. a group of 6 requires 4 seniors to be considered senior majority) consisting of seniors. After the senior elligeible senior majority groups have been offered off campus releases, then we will move to elligible juniors and junior groups. Rising Juniors (current sophomores) should not expect a release from the residency requirement.

Can I go through the release process as an individual instead of as a group?
Yes, you can go through the release process without joining a group. However, if you are offer a release to live off-campus, you will not be allowed to bring others with you. You may decide after the exemption lottery is complete if you wish to join an existing group.

How is the number of people who are released to live off-campus each year determined?
The number of people released is a projection of how many students we expect will live on-campus for the following academic year versus how many beds we have available in our residence halls.

If I am not released to live off-campus initially, how does the waiting list work?
If placed on the waiting list, we release the next individual/group when the number of students who have accepted to live off-campus has dropped below the number of students approved to live off-campus.