SJU Residential Life and Housing

Winter Break Requests

St. John's University's Residence Halls and Apartments will close on Tuesday, December 18 at 8 p.m. and re-open on Sunday January 13, 2019 at 9 a.m. for Winter Break. Students who wish to stay in residence during Winter Break period should submit a Winter Break Request. For more information regarding Thanksgiving Break requests and policies, please refer to the Campus Housing Agreement as well as the Break Policies. Students who need access to the Residence Hall over the Winter Break closure without submitting a Winter Break Request form will be charged $25 to access the residence hall. Additionally, unapproved requests may be assessed a $25/day fee for the duration of their stay. The Winter Break Request Form is due by December 8

Finals Week Information

Finals Week begins on Thursday, December 13 and concludes Tuesday December 18. All students have Wednesday, December 12 as a study day. As part of our continued part in supporting students' academic success, effective Wednesday December 12 at 12:01 am 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect through December 18 at 6 pm. Please respect your fellow Johnnies need to study and prepare for finals. Moreover, students are expected to leave for Winter Break within 24 hours of completing their last final except in cases when the student will stay on-campus during the Winter Break period.

The key to a successful Finals Week is effective time and stress management. To that end, we created a simple template you can download and complete to help you schedule and manage your time effectively. If you need assistance in time management or study pointers, you can always connect with your Faculty Resident or Resident Assistant to get some help or guidance.

Final’s Week Scheduling Template (DOCX)
Final’s Week Scheduling Template (PDF)  

Bicycle Storage

Saint John’s University will offer bicycle storage for SJU students during the winter at no charge. Students who wish to use this storage are required to complete Bike Storage Agreement Form and Register their bicycles with Life Safety Services. This year, the storage period will begin just before Thanksgiving break and last until April 3 in Flynntown Apartment Building, room 006. Students who choose to store their bikes in the storage room do so at their own risk—Saint John’s University is not responsible for any lost or damaged bicycles.

The storage room will be opened up for limited time periods for students to put bikes into the room and remove them:

  • The storage room will open at noon on the Friday before Thanksgiving break (November 16) and will close again when Thanksgiving break begins (November 20)
  • The storage room will be open during finals week in the fall semester (December 13-18)
  • The storage room will be open the first 3 class days in the spring semester (January 16-18)
  • The storage room will be open for bike removal April 3-6

When students register their bicycles with Life Safety Services, they may also check out an engraver to engrave a serial number or their name on the bicycle frame. Students are encouraged to write down the bike’s serial number and keep a photo of their bicycle. To reduce damage to the walls in the Flynntown Apartment building, please bring your bike into the building through the south or east doors only and go directly to the elevator to the basement. Any bikes left in storage after April 6 will be considered abandoned property and may be placed outside or disposed of by the University.

International and Out of State Student Storage

Students are responsible for picking up their belongings on or before Tuesday August 28, 2018. After August 28, 2018 the items will be considered abandoned. Pleae review the information page as it contains all the policies and regulations regarding storage.