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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Updates and Awareness

For current information on Saint John's preparation and response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), please see our Covid-19 Information Page.

Questions about Living On-Campus regarding Covid-19

At SJU Residential Life and Housing we understand that it can be hard to keep up with all the nuances in information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. As you have questions regarding living on-campus during the ongoing pandemic, please reach out via email at [email protected] or call our office at 320-363-3512 as we are happy to help. If we cannot answer question directly, then we will work to connected you with someone who can answer your question. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to reconnecting with all our students this fall.

Winter Break Operrations: The Residence Halls and On-Campus Apartments will re-open on Sunday, January 24 at 9am. Students should plan to arrive back to campus for the Spring term, no earlier than January 24. Students are expected to plan accordingly.

Room Key Information: For students who returned their keys to Residential Life and Housing may pick-up their room key between 8am and 8pm on Sunday, January 24 in Sexton Commons just outside of Br. Willie’s Pub. We will have a table set up for students to collect their keys. After 8pm, the keys will be transported to Life Safety Services. Students who arrive after hours will be able to pick up their keys from Life Safety Services.

What if I need to come back before January 24? Students are allowed to submit a request to come back to campus to prior to January 24. The form link to submit these requests is: Not all requests are approved and an early arrival for students is not guaranteed. Reasons for coming back prior to January 24 are outlined in the Winter Break Request Form. Early return requests are due 3 business days prior to the student’s arrival date. This is because of the Winter Break staffing is limited. Students who submit their request late, should not expect to be approved to arrive early. Please note that request submitted between December 22 and January 3 will not be reviewed until January 4 when the Office of Residential Life and Housing re-opens.

SJU Residential Life and Housing and Campus Life Offices will close for the Christmas and New Year’s closer on December 21, 2020 at 4pm. The office will re-open on January 4 at 12pm. Emails and voicemails received will not be responded to until January 4. For emergencies, Saint John’s University Community members should contact Life Safety Services at 320-363-2144.

Welcome to Saint John's University Residential Life and Housing!

Residential living is an integral part of the Saint John's educational experience. We provide students with a home founded on Catholic, Benedictine values, where residents gain a better understanding of themselves as young men through their involvement in and strong commitment to community.

Through the support and personal attention of Faculty Residents, Resident Assistants, and the staff of the Office of Residential Life and Housing, we foster inclusiveness, mutual respect, personal responsibility, spiritual development, academic success, and good stewardship.

Residency Requirement Exemption Process

Currently we are accepting applications for students to participate in the Residency Requirement Exemption Process. Students who wish to participate in the process to potentially receive an Exemption from the Residency Requirement for the 2021-2022 academic year must submit an application by the October 15 deadline via the Housing Portal. Students who neglect to submit an application for this process will not be eligible for an Exemption from the Residency Requirement. Submitting an application does not guarantee that an Exemption Offer will be granted, rather it informs us that the student wishes to be considered for an Exemption from the Residency Requirement.

Information regarding the Residency Requirement Exemption process can be found on the Department of Residential Life and Housing’s Share Point for Current Students. Parents should refer to the Parent Information Page regarding the process. There are some factors that immediately disqualify a student from receiving an Exemption from the Residency Requirement. These factors include but are not limited to:

For more information regarding the process, including the timeline, students should refer to the Residency Requirement Exemption Student Guide. Students with questions about their conduct history should call the Campus Life Office at 320-363-3512 and schedule an appointment with Fr. Ian Dommer, the Assistant Director of Student Conduct.

Disclaimer Regarding Off Campus Leases

Annually we receive feedback from students indicating that local property owners and rental companies encourage students to sign leases as early as two years in advance. The Department of Residential Life and Housing advises all students not to sign a lease for an off-campus rental property without receiving an official Exemption from the Residency Requirement from us. It is the responsibility of all students to adhere to and follow all Institutional Policies related to the Residency Requirement. Students who sign leases with off campus property owners or rental companies without receiving an official Exemption from the Residency Requirement do so at their own risk and will still be required to fulfill all obligations related to the St. John’s University’s Residency Requirement. Additionally, committing to a lease agreement with an off campus rental property is not grounds for nor merits an Exemption from the Residency Requirement. We do not recommend that any student enter into a lease agreement for an off campus rental property without receiving an official Exemption from the Residency Requirement from the Department of Residential Life and Housing at St. John’s University.








Residency Requirement Exemption Application Goes Live


Housing Portal



Residency Requirement Exemption Applications Due


Housing Portal



Ineligibility Notices are emailed to students





Last date for Ineligible students to an appeal form.


Link provided in

Denial Email



Last Date to Update Living Groups


Housing Portal



Exemption Hat Pull to Determine Waiting List





First Wave of Offers will be Sent out to students at the top of the waiting list





Acceptance/Decline Form Due Date for first wave offers


Housing Portal



Denial Emails will be sent to all students who did not accept or deny the first wave of offers.





Second Wave of Offers will be Sent to students if necessary





Acceptance/Decline Due Date for second waive offers


Housing Portal



Denial Emails will be sent to all students who did not accept or deny the second wave of offers





Third Wave of Offers will be sent to student if necessary





Acceptance/Decline Form Due for third wave of offers


Housing Portal

*** All forms due dates are required to be submitted by 11:59 pm of the due date. Forms submitted late will not be accepted.