Flynntown Apartments

  • Offer four and three person apartments. Each apartment has a shared kitchen / living area with two full bathrooms and either three or four single bed bedrooms.
    • Two fully accessible handicap apartments are also available. Please note: all handicapped apartments are three bedroom apartments.
  • Climate controlled.
  • Central lounge area on each floor.
  • A large laundry facility is located in the basement. (Machines are available to use at no cost, but you must provide your own laundry detergent.)
  • Elevator access to all floors.
  • Vehicle parking adjacent to building.


Flynntown Bedroom                  Flynntown Bedroom

                           Bedroom                                                                                   Bedroom


Flynntown Kitchen / Living Room                  Flynntown Kitchen / Living Room

                  Kitchen / Living Area                                                               Kitchen / Living Area


Flynntown Bathroom                  Flynntown Lounge Area

                           Bathroom                                                                                Lounge Area