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or triple rooms. While the majority of our housing is comprised of double rooms, you may be assigned at both CSB and SJU must abide by Open House Hours. On each campus Open House Hours as are follows:
enter the Residency Requirement Exemption Process are available September 15 on the Housing Portal. 12: Signed Exemption Acceptance Forms are due Sunday, December 13 2021 via the Housing Portal.
may have the option of living in upper-class housing. If you are unsure of which situation fits you, please contact the Residential Life and Housing Office. CSB/SJU Housing Portal
you will find general information regarding room selection, move in, breaks, housing options, etc Please reach out to our office CSB Residential Life and Housing Handbook Student Housing Portal Help
when filling out the First Year Housing questionnaire. Once you are a sophomore/upperclassman, you will be able to request your roommate on the housing portal when housing selection is available.
COVID-19 Resources and Fall 2020 Information Housing Questionnaires due. Students can complete the forms in the Housing Portal. The Housing Portal will be available to a student April 1 or one
CSB Residential Life and Housing Handbook in any campus residence hall, apartment, or house. All on-campus residents and male guests are expected to abide by the following open house hours:
The RA/CAs (with the input of an interest in this awesome opportunity on your housing form, just go to the housing portal and update your Housing Application or email us at [email protected]! In
A-Z Index” at the topUnder “H”, click “Housing-SJU”Click the CSB/SJU Housing Portal buttonLoginNetwork Username = Email username residential life/hms_login_instructions.pdf
participate in room selection you must complete the Housing Intent Form found in the Housing Portal everyone will not get their first choice of housing and you should have multiple ideas for what you