Laura Adams

Position in the office - Leadership Team Manager

What are you doing now-a-days?

I am a young lady wearing many hats these days! I became a first time auntie to Grace Elizabeth this past July. By day, I work as a Client Relations and Marketing Associate at Adams Consulting Group, LLC. During my breaks and after work, I am building my career as a writer of children's literature. My annoyingly tenacious passion for writing has led me to many conferences, teaching engagements and my own place in the Society of  (where one of my poems was bought this past May). I am also currently a student at the Institute for Children's Literature.

What does it mean for you to have worked in SALD-O-JEC?

Working for SALDO-O-JEC remains a true blessing in my life and an experience I look back upon with genuine appreciation. I thrived on the hours with Mo, Trish, and Gwen and my peer co-workers to create a leadership program that would benefit Bennies and Johnnies. At present, I work with dozens of people on a daily basis and remember well how to utilize my leadership style (per ILCP) to be an effective and successful worker-all with a smile on my face. Most importantly, being a part of SALD-O-JEC gave me a wonderful family throughout college and beyond. I don't get back to campus as much as I'd like but I know I have a home in those offices because of the people there. I'm truly humbled and forever grateful.