Evans Yamoah

Position in the office - SALD Student Manager

What are you doing now-a-days?

I am currently volunteering through the Benedictine Volunteer Corps in Coban, Guatamala. I will be here for approximately one year. My tasks here will vary, but I am willing to do anything to make this community a better place.

What does it mean for you to have worked in SALD-O-JEC?

Having the privilege to work in SALD-O-JEC was the cherry on top of the cake for me. SALD-O-JEC was a home away from home for me because I had the greatest help, support and encouragement that I could ever ask for. Being a part of the SALD-O-JEC family also gave me the opportunity to make a difference while figuring out who I am, why I am that way and how to best use the tools and gifts that I have.  SALD-O-JEC played a major part in helping me become the enlightened man I am today.


Evans, helping children in Guatamala