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Registration Information

For more detailed, semester specific information, please refer to the Class Schedules page.

Course Numbering System

  • 100-299 Lower Division undergraduate courses
  • 300-399 Upper Division undergraduate courses
  • 400----> Open to graduate students

Registration Procedures

New Incoming First Year Students: Please refer to the Academic Advising Office website for information regarding registration.

Continuing Students: Continuing students register on-line using Banner Web Self Service during the normal registration period on campus. When registering for courses for the coming term, please follow the registration instructions carefully. Proper registration is the student's responsibility. The procedure for registration is by means of a networked computer terminal using Banner Web Self Service. Special instructions are located in the registration booklet and materials sent to you by the Registrar's Office. As always, if you have any questions about registration, call the Registrar's Office at 5260 (CSB) or 3396 (SJU).

Students are eligible to register only if they have:
  • Met with their advisor and obtained their Registration PIN NUMBER
  • Been accepted by a department (if they will be Juniors or Seniors during the next full term.)
  • Settled all current charges with the Student Accounts Office
  • Complied with Minnesota Immunization Regulations
  • Selected a new advisor (applies only to First-year Students in their second semester)
  • Have no other outstanding holds on their registration

Students who are ineligible to register for any of these reasons may register on Banner Web Self Service after all holds are cleared.

All course requests must be entered via Banner Web Self Service. We strongly urge you to meet with your advisor and complete your registration well before the final day. BY WAITING UNTIL THE LAST FEW DAYS, YOU RUN THE RISK OF BEING UNABLE TO MEET WITH YOUR ADVISOR OR HAVING THE COURSES YOU DESIRE FILLED.

Please note that registration for ILP's (Individualized Learning Projects) and for special programs (Tri-College Exchange, Internships, etc.) requires your submission of special forms available from the Registrar's Office. These forms should be completed and returned to the Registrar's Office during the initial registration period. Registration for Internships (8 credits or more) are due the first day of classes. Please register for the appropriate pending ILP or Internship number (DNA 271, 371 or 397) until the formal paperwork is submitted. The CRN number for these pending ILPs & Internships are listed in the front portion of the class schedule each term.