Dr. Matthew J. Lindstrom, Professor


Professor of Political Science with Saint John's University/College of Saint Benedict since 2005. B.A., Saint John's University, 1992; Ph.D., Northern Arizona University, 1997.

Edward L. Henry Professor of Political Science at CSB/SJU; Director, The Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement at SJU; Co-director, CSB Marie and Robert Jackson Fellows Program and CSB/SJU Washington, D.C. Summer Study Program

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 SJU Office: Simons 142
(320) 363-3364
[email protected]


Fall 2018


Monday/Wednesday (NOT Fridays) 1:50pm-3:10pm         SIMNS-310          Dr. Matt Lindstrom

Transportation, energy, and food are locally experienced but have global as well as local environmental ramifications. Environmental politics and policy are necessarily multi-disciplinary topics so we will draw upon a range of disciplines including economics, history, ecology, and ethics in addition to political science, public policy, and public administration. In covering environ-mental politics, we focus on lobbying, legislating and litigating as well as the direct action and the politics of corporate sustainability. The policy focus emphasizes content related to major federal laws and agencies governing public lands and other environmental issues, and the federal agencies that over-see environmental policy such as food politics, and local land use planning.

Spring 2019

Leading Study Abroad in South Africa


Why am I a political scientist?

 I chose to get a doctorate degree in political science and work in higher education because it offers me an opportunity to influence the next generation of civic leaders and continually learn more about subjects I love.   Within U.S. politics and public policy, my main areas for scholarly research are environmental policy and urban planning.  

Professor Lindstrom in League of Minnesota Cities Film


Featured Books/Publications and Papers 

Lindstrom, Matthew, Encyclopedia of the U.S. Government and the Environment:  History, Policy, and Politics, editor, (Santa Barbara, CA:  ABC-CLIO, 2011).

Lindstrom, Matthew  and Hugh Bartling, editors, Suburban  Sprawl: Culture, Theory and Politics, (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2003). 

Lindstrom, Matthew  and Zachary A. Smith, The National Environmental Policy Act:  Judicial Misconstruction, Legislative Indifference, and Executive Neglect (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 2002).  Reissued in paperback in 2008.  *Nominated for the Aaron Wildavsky Policy Studies Book Award. 

Lindstrom, Matthew, "Cooperation, Not False Competition." Fragmented Families and Splintered Classes:  Why so much churning? What can be done? What will America come to look like?  A Symposium, Center for the American Experiment, October, 2012.  


Visit Digital Commons for a complete list of political science books and publications.  There you can access summaries and ordering information, as well as full texts of select publications.


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