Upcoming Courses

Philosophy and Philosophy-faculty taught courses for Spring 2019

PHIL121: Great Issues: 3 sections (Houston: 2; Wagner: 1).

PHIL123: Philosophy of Human Nature: (Stonestreet)

PHIL150: Philosophy in Literature (McGraw)

PHIL155: Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity (Esch)

PHIL321: Moral Philosophy (ES) [Group A]: 3 sections (Stonestreet:2; Wagner: 1)

PHIL325: Feminist Ethics (ES) [Group A]: 2 sections (Keller)

PHIL331: Ancient Philosophy (Houston)

PHIL339: Chinese Philosophy (IC) [Group B] (Wright)

PHIL365: Metaphysics [Group C]

PHIL388: Philosophy Capstone (Beach)

ETHS390: Democracy, Freedom and Inequality (ES)*: 2 sections (Wright)

ETHS390: Others (ES)*: 2 sections (Cunningham; tentative)


*ETHS390 sections taught by PHIL Faculty may substitute as PHIL electives)