Daily Update

Hello to our faithful maple syrupers!


Starting in 2015, Maple Syrup Volunteer updates will no longer be on this website. Instead, you can receive updates via email and/or by checking out the Outdoor U Blog.  To sign up for the volunteer mail, contact Outdoor U. All volunteer requests will be sent via email and posted on the blog. Additional information on how our syruping season is going will also be posted on the blog so if you want to know about all things maple, check out the blog!

Outdoor U Blog Sign Up Instructions

You can sign up for just Maple Syruping blog updates, or you can sign up to receive all types of updates from Outdoor U, including ski trail conditions and other volunteer opportunities.

1. Go to the blog website
2. On the right side find the 'Subscribe By Email To:' section
3. You have 6 categories to sign up for:
     ~All Outdoor U blog posts
     ~Deer Hunt posts
     ~Ski Trail posts
     ~Volunteering posts
     ~Maple Syrup posts
     ~Prescribed Burns posts
If you subscribe to all posts, you will get an email anytime the blog is updated. If you want to choose just one or more of the categories, you will need to subscribe separately to each individual category.
4. Click on the option you want to sign up for. You will need to enter your email address.
5. You will get a verification email  sent to that email address. You must click on the link to verify your subscription. You will not receive any blog post updates until you verify your subscription. If you don't see the verification email, check your spam folder.

Have any trouble? Please contact [email protected] or 320.363.3163 and we are happy to help!