Nutrition Minor

Course Requirements

The Nutrition Minor requires students to complete a total of 20 credits in nutrition, which includes 12 credits in required courses and an additional 8 credits in nutrition courses that the student may select.

Required Courses:

  • NUTR 125: Concepts of Nutrition Science (4): Fall and Spring
  • NUTR 220: Exploring Weight Issues (2): Fall and Spring (Pre req: NUTR 125)
  • NUTR 230: Food and Culture (2): Fall and Spring
  • NUTR 323: Public Health Nutrition: Infancy through Aging (4): Fall and Spring (Pre req: NUTR 125)

To complete the minor, students must select 8 additional credits in Nutrition. Students may select these 8 credits from any of the courses offered in the department.

NUTR 223-Introduction to Food Science, or NUTR 225-Expirimental Food Science, are strongly recommended for the Nutrition Minor.

Students should talk with a faculty member in the Nutrition department no later than fall semester of the sophomore year to assist in developing a four year plan that accommodates the minor in nutrition, and to advise students on elective courses in the department that fit with the student’s interests and academic learning goals.

For more information regarding the Nutrition Minor contact:

Jayne Byrne, MS, RD, LD, Chair
(320) 363-5133
[email protected]