Got a computer problem? There's a new way to report it

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November 20, 2019

IT Services portalThere's a new way to report computer or other technical problems to Information Technology Services at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.

A self-service portal has been created by IT Services to improve communication and empower the customer experience. The email portal - - is designed to provide incident reports, knowledge and communication with IT Services members.

The customer will be prompted to log in with their CSB/SJU sign-on and password, which will allow for a customized experience.

The portal will supplement the IT Services Help Desk phone line (ext. 2228).

“The idea or concept behind it is providing a bit more communication,” said Chris Porter, IT Services support specialist. “It's another way to basically improve the customer experience. It allows the customer to be empowered by logging into the portal and having the ability to have a more in-depth view of their trouble.

“There is also a communications aspect that (our clients) haven't had before, of being able to communicate with the technician that has been assigned to the incident, and also seeing that entire dialogue," Porter said.

The portal has been in development for over a year, part of the IT Services 2020 Strategic Plan to provide a better customer service to its clients.

With the help of committee, it was determined that “ease of use, the ability to see their incidents whether it's in an open or closed state and the status of being able to communicate through the portal beck to the technician who's working on that,” Porter said.

While the portal is now operational, Porter said two additional components will be added soon: a customer survey, allowing feedback directly to IT Services, and a knowledge section.

“We're hoping that once we get an opportunity to get it more public facing, it will pick up a lot of traction,” Porter said. “Once we start to add in some additional tools to it, I feel like it will really be a big benefit to everyone.”