In the News

CSB/SJU Chemistry Department featured in Monday, March 2 Chemical & Engineering News article "Revising The Chemistry Curriculum"

Phil Kronebusch, professor of political science and competitive fellowships coordinator, quoted in Sunday, March 1 St. Cloud Times article "In Fulbright and other programs, global studies strong"

Deborah Pembleton, assistant professor of global business leadership, quoted in Saturday, Feb. 28 La Crosse Tribune article "FSPAs to memorialize their 'shooting star,' Sister Thea Bowman"

Bernie Evans, associate professor of theology, published in Friday, Feb. 27 St. Cloud Visitor article "Allowing exemptions to minimum wage would be an injustice"

Deborah Pembleton, assistant professor of global business leadership, quoted on Thursday, Feb. 26 Wisconsin Public Radio story "The Life and Legacy of Sister Thea Bowman"

Michael Hemmesch, SJU executive director of communications and marketing, mentioned in Wednesday, Feb. 25 St. Cloud Times article "SJU stick sculpture will remain up until next winter"

Josh Eggebraaten, SJU student, Lauren Hayes, CSB student, and Steve Schwarz Square One board advisor and CSB-SJU professor, mentioned in  Sunday, Feb. 22 DL-Online news article "DL grad gives Haiti some help"

Tom Kroll, SJU outdoor director, and Rachel Melis, associate professor of art, mentioned in Sunday, Feb. 22 WCCO TV story "Finding Minnesota: Whimsical Stick Sculpture Nearing Its End" 

Michael Hemesath, SJU president, published in Sunday, Feb. 22 St. Cloud Times opinion piece "Consider more than cost in higher education choice"

CSB mentioned in Wednesday, Feb. 18 St. Cloud Times article "Volunteers earn Peace Corps recognition for CSB"

Jenny Kutter, Environmental Studies Department coordinator and assistant to the chair, mentioned in Sunday, Feb. 16 WJON radio article "CSB/SJU Students Celebrate Victory In Nationwide Outdoor Challenge"

Sarah Gainey, assistant director of environmental education, featured in Monday, Feb. 16 St. Cloud Times article "Owl Hoot! slated for St. John's Outdoor University"

Peter Valois, SJU student, and Lauren Rupp, CSB student, featured in a Saturday, Feb. 14 St. Cloud Times article titled "Fries, romance mix at White Castle on Valentine's Day."

Ann Jonas, general book buyer, published in a Friday, Feb. 13 edition of The Visitor with her article "Do you want to get more out of Lent this year?"

Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB, faculty resident and Abbey director of liturgy, featured in Friday, Feb. 13 The Visitor column "African-American worship adds life, joy to the church"

CSB and SJU were mentioned in Friday, Feb. 13 article "Eden Prairie resident helps in Haiti" 

Glenda Burgeson, editorial services director, published in Thursday, Feb. 12 St. Cloud Times Writers Group article "Minnesota on a slippery 'North' Slope"

Jessica O'Reilly, assistant professor of anthropology, featured in Monday, Feb. 9 WJON News article "CSB/SJU Students and Faculty to Attend UN Climate Change Conference in Paris"

Mary Hinton, CSB president; Michael Hemesath, and their executives, featured in a Saturday, Feb. 7 Bahamas Weekly article "US College Executives Call on Bahamas Prime Minister"

Carie Braun, chair of the Nursing Department, featured in Friday, Feb. 6 St. Cloud Times article "CSB nursing remodel takes students into medical future"

Stephen Saupe, professor of biology, featured in Friday, Feb. 6 St. Cloud Times article "How Minnesota cherry trees tie in to Presidents Day"

Glennis Werner Roseboom, new CSB athletic director, and Carol Howe-Veenstra, CSB athletic director, featured in Wednesday, Feb. 4 StarTribune article "Minnesota Scene: St. Ben's hires new AD"

Derek Larson, professor of history and environmental science, published in Wednesday, Feb. 4 Times Writers Group article "Empty big boxes pose challenge"

Glennis Werner Roseboom, new CSB athletic director and Carol Howe-Veenstra, CSB athletic director, mentioned in Wednesday, Feb. 4 St. Cloud Times article "Werner Roseboom named St. Benedict athletic director"

Glennis Werner Roseboom, new CSB athletic director, featured in Wednesday, Feb. 4 WJON News article "Glennis Werner Roseboom Hired As New College of St. Benedict Athletic Director"

CSB/SJU's outdoor festival mentioned in Monday, Feb. 2 St. Cloud Times article " CSB/SJU shares Outdoor Nation win with Feb. 15 festival"

Louis Johnston, associate professor of economics, featured in Sunday, Feb. 1 WCCO podcast titled "WCCO's News and Views With Roshini Rajkumar"

CSB and SJU mentioned in a Sunday, Feb. 1 St. Cloud Times article "Remembering St. Cloud man's contributions in Selma"