Strategies to Meet CSB/SJU Social Media Goals

Strategies to meet CSB/SJU's social media goals should be reviewed on an annual basis, in conjunction with a review of broader marketing and communication goals. Given the current goals of CSB/SJU social media engagement efforts should be concentrated around the following strategies:


CSB/SJU should position its social media communication strategy in line with the rest of its communication portfolio. While the format offers more room for non-traditional and user-generated content, social media has a role to play within the existing communication structure at CSB/SJU. Social media should be considered an important tool for broadcasting news and information about campus events, emergencies, institutional achievements, alumnae/i updates, and student accomplishments. 

Social media is a powerful tool for "push" communication. Content shared on CSB/SJU social media profiles should be in line with news and information being distributed via other means, while preserving social brand authenticity and appropriateness for the channel employed.


The conversations the CSB/SJU social media community is having, both on CSB/SJU profiles and adjacent to CSB/SJU profiles, are valuable information gathering tools for the institutions. These conversations can be the first point of reference the institutions have for possible problems or concerns from community members. Further, they can inform perceptions of the colleges and allow communicators and institutional policymakers to garner useful feedback for future plans, programs, and initiatives.


Social media provides CSB/SJU with the opportunity to interact promptly and personally with both broad and highly-specific portions of our audiences. This interaction should be defined as more than posting content and "listening" for community response, however. To build credibility within its virtual communities (and, for that matter, maintain credibility within its existing communities and audiences), CSB/SJU should make it a point to respond, when reasonable and appropriate, to all types of feedback, questions and comments posted on its social media pages and profiles.


The tools and technologies that comprise the social media sector are constantly changing and evolving, as are the way individuals and organizations are using them to meet goals and support initiatives. The information CSB/SJU can garner from tracking successes and shortcomings on social media-not to mention the feedback members of the CSB/SJU social media audience are providing-should be used to modify, in small and large ways, the approaches CSB/SJU is taking to its social media communication.