Measurement/Monitoring of CSB/SJU Social Media Goals

Successful social media campaigns can be defined by a number of-often equally-important-characteristics. As overarching goals and strategies for CSB/SJU use of social media should be reviewed on an annual basis, so too should the elements the institutions choose to measure and monitor to ensure tracking is capturing information that can be used to make the most informed and appropriate decisions for strategies on social media. At present, progress toward social media goals should be monitored with an eye toward the following elements:

Systems Efficiency

Establishing a system to reliably generate and post content, along with a system to respond to feedback in a timely and appropriate manner should be a considered a high priority in CSB/SJU's institutional social media strategy.  These systems will require a coordinated effort, led by the CSB/SJU Social Media Specialist, to ensure a reliable flow of brand-consistent postings to official CSB/SJU social media channels. Further, systems should be developed to ensure the appropriate filtering and distribution of requests for feedback/comments/inquiries received via official CSB/SJU social media channels. 


Audience engagement should be an important metric of success when considering institutional social media efforts at CSB /SJU. Comments, likes, shares, retweets and other action-based feedback can provide the universities with important information about which types of posts/content are interesting to their audiences and can help inform future efforts. 

On a monthly basis, CSB/SJU will evaluate the volume and nature of this feedback to determine which content was, engagement-wise, the most successful in any given month. These trends will be documented and reported in the monthly departmental report created by the Social Media Specialist and submitted to the Director of Electronic Communication. When, and if, patterns emerge that information should be used to inform the generation of new content or revisions to existing content production plans.


Followers, fans, likes, etc. and trends in the expansion and contraction of CSB/SJU's social media audience also provide CSB/SJU valuable information about what is and is not connecting with audiences. Benchmarking these statistics is a good system to ensure institutional social media efforts are oriented toward growth and evolution, rather than maintaining a static outlook. 

On a weekly basis, CSB/SJU will track the number of followers/likes/fans of each of our official institutional profiles. This information will be archived and included in the monthly departmental report created by the Social Media Specialist and submitted to the Director of Electronic Communications. The information will also be used to track progress toward annual network growth goals.