Goals for CSB/SJU Social Media Engagement

The goals outlined below are intended to be broad enough to be applied to a number of different social media channels and campaigns while being specific enough to be measured and monitored on an ongoing basis. As with all components of CSB/SJU’s social media strategy, these goals should be evaluated on an annual basis to ensure they continue to align with broader marketing and communication goals and can be met with appropriate and evolving tools and strategies.

Goal 1:

Amplify and replicate the experience of being on the campuses of CSB and SJU

The CSB/SJU social media audience is made up of a diverse mix of students — prospective, current and past — faculty, staff, administrators and members of our broader community. While it is unlikely that there is a specific message or topic that will consistently resonate across all members of CSB/SJU’s audience, core brand identifiers and attributes should feature prominently in content shared on CSB/SJU’s social media channels.

Goal 2:

Align social media messaging with the messaging of the CSB/SJU Office of Admission and Offices of Institutional Advancement at CSB/SJU to support the lifecycle of relationships with CSB/SJU students

To support CSB/SJU efforts to recruit informed and engaged new students, social media content should be in line with recruitment messages and campaigns. Prospective students — as well as decision influencers in their lives — should be considered the primary audience for official institutional CSB/SJU presences on social media. Additionally, preserving and strengthening relationships with current students and alumnae/i should be an important consideration in crafting messages and disseminating content on social media channels.

Goal 3:

Garner feedback, commentary and content from community members

Social media is a unique opportunity to receive unfiltered real-time feedback from members of our audience and community. The acquisition and consideration of this feedback and information should be part of CSB/SJU’s core mission for engagement on social media.

Goal 4:

Improve existing social media efforts on a regular basis using the information gleaned from community feedback and engagement, industry trends and other institutional goals

From technological developments to changing audience preferences and behaviors, the social media landscape is in a state of constant evolution; further, institutions, and their communication priorities, change and evolve over time. Creating adaptable strategies, informed by institutional priorities, measured quantitative metrics, and feedback from members of social media communities should be a priority for CSB/SJU.