Collection Development

In keeping with the Christian, Catholic, Benedictine and liberal arts character of the College of Saint Benedict and St. John's University, education at both institutions is value-oriented. Students are challenged in the course of their studies to confront a broad range of human issues through open and honest dialogue and to formulate their own responses.

In this context it is a particular concern of the libraries to foster the habit of responsible inquiry. The libraries, therefore, provide materials which present the full spectrum of opinion on current and past issues.

Two goals guide the selection of materials for the libraries.

  • The first is to provide materials which directly support the academic curricula of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University.
  • The second is to meet the broader educational, informational, spiritual and recreational needs of the entire CSB/SJU community.

In meeting both goals, the emphasis is on the selection of materials which are of high quality.

It is important to recognize that the availability of materials in the libraries does not necessarily represent an endorsement by either institution or by the library staff of the ideas or opinions they contain.