Liberal Arts Illuminated Workshops

The conference will include four Workshops with three components each: (1) a broad perspective in a plenary/panel session, (2) models for success demonstrating how the broad theme is currently being addressed nationally on campuses, and (3) a practice session wherein plans are developed to apply what was learned to participants’ individual campuses.

We encourage participants to attend Liberal Arts Illuminated in teams in order to have the most engaging experience and take the most practical learnings back to their campuses.

Workshop One

Reframing the Narrative: Leadership toward an inclusive curriculum

How do we reframe the current narrative about teaching and learning in our institutions?  Specifically, we will discuss efforts to make curricula more inclusive by decentering the curriculum and engaging in experiential learning and other high impact practices; and, by making explicit the disciplinary links to employment and professional development.

Workshop Two

Reframing the Narrative: Leadership toward positive outcomes for all students

What structures, resources and people do we need in place to ensure the success of all students we serve in our sector? How do we ensure we are attentive to not only the transactional and professional crafting of our students, but that we are equally engaged in the transformational work demanded of us as we engage with, and are engaged by, our students?

Workshop Three

Reframing the Narrative: Leadership toward a new economic model in higher education

How do we address the current narrative regarding the broken economic model in higher education? What strategies can make our institutions both more accessible and sustainable? How do we lead toward financial sustainability in the face of the current narrative?

Workshop Four

Reframing the Narrative: Leadership toward a new public narrative

How do we dismantle the current negative narrative about higher education generally and the unique concerns on our individual campuses specifically? As we think through what is demanded of us on our campuses, in our regions and nationally, what is the story we would like to tell about our work and how our sector is constitutive to democracy and the American dream? How do we engage in and utilize design thinking to take back to our campuses what we have learned and prepare to lead toward success for all students?