Companions on a Journey

Companions on a Journey is about you, us, God, and the rest of creation. Our programming is dedicated to exploring our vocation in the context of "Who am I and who am I called to become so I can love as God Loves. "


The Companions on a Journey Spring Banquet is about two months away, and the details can be found below. Also keep an eye out for the link to register for the banquet in your email in the upcoming weeks. 



 Remember holy wisdom as the second semester starts especially as the semester gets busier and busier for most of us. 


Wondering whether to join a Journey Group or not?

Read what current Journey Group participants have said:


"I need to take the time to reflect on my life's path, see where God is leading me, and I need the help of  other people along the way." - Elizabeth Camber '14


"I have learned to seek God in every situation no matter how trivial or grand because he  uses all of my experiences to shape me into a woman of Purpose." - Brittney Jones '15




"I remember being so impressed with the openness and honesty of the women around me, and also how present and respectful everyone was. This caused me to ditch my safe  response and  actually share something that was meaningful and very  personal, and I am so grateful that I did, and continue to do so every month ." -Sarah Dobesh '17