Meditations & Reflections

"You pray best when you don't know your praying."

 ~quoting the desert fathers from Many Paths to Prayer by Vincent Dwyer

We invite you to interact with the reflections and meditations offered below.  Each piece is designed to support you in your exploration of spirituality and vocation.

Daily Reflections

We invite you to experience the daily meditations offered by Saint Benedict's Monastery and Saint John's Abbey.  The text takes less than a minute to read. Read the text twice: once for the heart and once for the mind. Spend a few moments in silence being present to the message. 

Daily Reflections at St John's Abbey

Daily Reflections at St Benedict's Monastery

Bi-weekly Blog at St Benedict's Monastery


These reflections allow you to explore your inner-self, the 'still, small voice' within.  They can be done anywhere:  on the beach, waiting at the doctor's office, at night before bed.  Or a special place where you can meet God.

Examen of Consciousness