Journey Group Attendance Log

Session Logs are a means for Companions on a Journey to:

  • gather data related to the sessions attended by each group.
  • help facilitators to keep track of their group’s meeting dates.
  • obtain a glimpse of the dynamics taking place within groups.
  • perform checks and balances for food invoices.

Many facilitators have expressed concern about scheduling and the students' level of commitment. In order for us to gain clarity and assess the nature of their commitment we need to know who was in attendance and who was not. This will enable us to support the facilitators and develop outreach services to the student(s) who regularly miss a session. This information will also help Companions develop additional programs and activities that will enhance the journey group experience.

The session logs help us with checks and balances for payment of the meals/refreshments. We are finding some groups changing their food order preferences after the online meeting request is completed and do not report the change. We also are finding that receipts are not being turned in to our office when we balance our monthly statements from the various restaurants. The session logs help us validate what has been charged and where. Note: Good To Go and BoDiddley's will not be issuing receipts.