Policies & Compliance

Mainting a good relationship with a grant maker requires understanding and complying with the requirements for an award. Grants come with expectations for how the project will be conducted and the grant money managed. First and foremost is the expectation that a grant is to be spent for the purpose described in the grant proposal. The award letter will detail the requirements for an award, so read it closely and ask the Grants Office for assistance.

See below for information on other common compliance expectations. Grants Office staff can advise you on which apply to your particular grant.

Animal Research: CSB/SJU do not currently hold the appropriate federal assurances for animal research. No federal proposals involving animal research can be submitted. For non-federal proposals involving animal research, the PI should consult with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Data Management Plan: The National Science Foundation requires a data management plan for each new proposal that describes plans for the management and sharing of the products of research, or to assert the absence of the need for such plans. Grant seekers should review the CSB/SJU Libraries research guide on data management and contact your liaison librarian for more information on storing your research results and making them accessible to other researchers

Financial Conflict of Interest: Federal regulations require institutions to have policies and procedures in place that ensure that investigators disclose any significant financial interest that may present an actual or potential conflict of interest in relationship to externally-sponsored projects. PIs seeking federal grants must make disclosure prior to the submission of a funding proposal.

Human Subjects Research: All research involving human subjects should meet federal and relevant professional standards, regardless of funding source, and whether carried out by faculty or students. Research plans that involve research on humans must be reviewed by the CSB/SJU Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The principal investigator is responsible for submitting an application to the IRB. The IRB determines if the research plan is exempt from further IRB oversight, or if the research plan requires expedited or full board review. Usually, the timing of IRB approval is after a proposal is submitted and before the research begins.

Purchases:  If a grant award allows purchase of equipment (defined as a purchase price of $5,000 or more and useful life of over 1 year) or services over $5,000, the PI should obtain at least three separate bids. More specific rules apply for purchases using federal grant funds.

Responsible Conduct of Research:  If students will receive compensation from a grant for conducting research, those students should complete Responsible Conduct of Research training. CSB/SJU use CITI to deliver web-based RCR training.