Getting started


There are many options of where and how to go abroad with CSB/SJU. With proper planning study abroad can help you prepare for life and career in today’s global world. The process for selecting a study abroad program is similar to selecting your major or minor.

  • 17 Semester-long Programs (Australia, Austria, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece and Italy, Guatemala, India, Ireland-Cork, Ireland-Dublin, Ireland-Galway, Japan, London,  South Africa, and Spain)
  • Short-term Programs: CSB/SJU sponsors a large variety of short-term study abroad program options. Short term program types are summer, embedded, or global fellowship program. All these programs are for credit and take place over the academic year or summer and range from two to eight weeks in length. The programs change every year depending on faculty areas of interest.
  • Volunteer/Service-Learning Opportunities: Sponsored by the CSB/SJU Campus Ministry Offices.  These short-term international trips allow you to experience the country through service.
  • External Study Abroad: Students who wish to participate in a program not otherwise provided by CSB/SJU may apply independently through an external program. To get started, meet with a study abroad program manager to discuss your program and other academic matters.

Start Your Search:

  • Become familiar with the Center for Global Education website to explore program options to engage globally while at CSB/SJU
  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 session with Center for Global Education (CGE) to explore your study abroad program types and selection, length (semester-long or short term), timing, housing, and finances.
  • In consultation with your academic or faculty advisor, create a tentative “4-year” plan to determine the best time for a study abroad experience.
  • There is not one program best suited for all, so start to set some goals on what you hope to accomplish on your study abroad experience. How do those goals best align with your academic & on-campus degree requirements along with your personal and professional goals at CSB/SJU.  
  • Attend fall Study Abroad Fair to connect with CGE staff, program directors, and student ambassadors. 
  • Recognize how academic and personal choices and actions can impact your future, including CSB or SJU student conduct guidelines.
  • Give yourself time to talk with CGE staff, faculty directors or advisors and/or to students who have studied abroad to make the best choose for a study abroad experience.
  • Begin to plan financially for a global program. Investigate scholarship & financial aid possibilities.
  • Attend a Study Abroad 201 session before applying for a semester or global fellowship program.

Before You Go:

  • Explore in-depth your #1 program and have a plan B.
  • Schedule an individual advising session with a CGE staff member. 
  • Attend a Study Abroad 201 session to help you prepare your application and interview.
  • Apply to Study Abroad (Deadlines vary by program type).
  • Complete the interview process to be accepted to your program (required for Semester & Global Fellowships).
  • Attend all pre-departure orientation sessions.

While Abroad:

  • Network to build personal and professional connections for the future.
  • Make the most of your experience by fully immersing yourself in the new cultures.

Upon Return:

  • Attend the Welcome Back Dinner
  • Become a Study Abroad Ambassador.
  • Reconnect with your Study Abroad and Journey groups.
  • Consider an Alternative Break Experience (ABE) with CSB/SJU Campus Ministries.
  • Meet with The Experience and Professional Development Office to explore internationally focused careers.
  • Utilize your study abroad experience as more than just one line on your resume.
  • Explore ways to go abroad again after graduation. Look into Short-term, Volunteer, Intern and Work Abroad programs.
  • Considering graduate school? Why not try it abroad!