Embedded Courses

An embedded course is defined at CSB/SJU as a credit bearing course that students will take as part of their semester course offerings. The embedded course will start during CD mod during the fall or spring semester and then have an international field component. A student enrolled in the course will need to complete all portions of the course to receive credit. Course offerings change from year to year.

Spring 2021 Embedded Programs

All courses are 4 credits. Program websites will be available in late August with more course details.

  • Kenya: MUSC 334 – Building Communities between campus and Kenya (FA, EL)  
    Director: Amy Grinsteiner, MUSC
  • Japan: JAPN 330D - Nuclear Japan (ES, IC)
    Director: Jeff DuBois
  • Tanzania: BIOL 373QEcology and Evolution of the African Serengeti Ecosystem (EL)
    Director: Kristina Timmerman, BIOL
  • United Kingdom: EDUC 214Embedded Children’s Literature in the United Kingdom (HM)
    Director: Madeleine Israelson, EDUC

Fall 2021 Embedded Program

The Bahamas: GBUS 330A International Organizational Behavior in the Bahamian Context
Director: Deborah Pembleton, GBUS

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