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External Study Abroad

Sydney, Australia

Before choosing an External Study Abroad Program, make sure that you have fully considered all your options and received the most accurate information about about all the CSB/SJU sponsored study abroad programs by attending a Study Abroad 101 session. After you have explored all of the semester-long and short-term study abroad programs offered through CSB/SJU, but you have not found a program that meets your academic, professional or personal goals and aspirations. Or perhaps you are looking for a program which is centered around a work, intern or volunteer experience.

This page provides some resources to get you started searching for programs offered outside of CSB/SJU.

External Study Abroad Program

This External Study Abroad program process allows students to remain enrolled at CSB/SJU and participate in external study abroad programs sponsored by other universities and private providers, as long as they are accredited institutions. Students can begin researching programs through the Institute for International Education's or search engines. This allows you to search by country, area of study, length of program, etc.

: On all programs students must receive a transcript from an accredited US or International institution. Programs that don't offer at least full load of academic credits with content associated with the CSB/SJU curriculum are subject to review and may not be eligible for the External Study Abroad Consortium. If you have questions about the External Study Abroad Application process please contact Joy Ruis.

To get started, meet with an Education Abroad Advisor to discuss your program and other academic matters. You will also need to complete an External Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline:

  • November 15th for Spring Programs*
  • April 15th for Fall, Year-Long, or Summer Programs*

*Please note: These date are CSB/SJU deadlines for submission. The external program may have different deadlines for application. It is important to be aware of the external program’s deadlines.

Things to consider when choosing an External Program:

  • Understand the External Program process requires a high degree of independence. It is different and more labor intensive than doing a CSB/SJU program.
  • Make sure that the External program is from an accredited, degree-granting institution and that you will receive a transcript upon completion of the program.
  • After choosing an External program, you must meet and get approval from CGE before applying to the program.
  • Complete the External Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline as stated on the application.
  • In order to do an External study abroad program, a CSB/SJU student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Transfer credits will be given upon receipt of transcript for External program. NO transfer academic credits will be noted or calculated in your cumulative CSB/SJU GPA. Please note: A CSB/SJU program receives in residence credit.
  • As a student on a semester-long external program, you will not pay tuition and fees at CSB/SJU for that semester, however a $300 study abroad fee will be charged to your student account after the application is approved.
  • You will make all payments directly to the sponsoring provider. This payment may occur before you access to financial aid.
  • State and Federal financial aid are available to help you finance these external programs, however NO institutional scholarships or internal financial aid will be transferred to the other institution.

Explore Further

  • Program Advisor: Joy Ruis, Center for Global Education