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What to Take & How to Pack

This website is designed to help you through the preparation process of packing.

Remember you will always want to pack more than you will actually use during the semester.  Think in terms of simplicity; mix and match items; layer for warmth; test yourself to see how little you can live with during a semester; and know that everyone will be wearing the same things over and over again! Please look at your Student Handbook for more ideas and a packing list.

Travel Products:

There are many great travel products available that you might be able to use while you are abroad. You could spend a fortune before departure on all of these items. But we do not want to imply that you must purchase all of these items in order to succeed abroad. Many students do not purchase great volumes and still do very well.

Speak with Education abroad ambassadors about what was useful for them and decide what you can not live without. Remember, NEVER take anything with you that it would ruin your trip if you lost it. Consider reading this Study Abroad Returnees article on Packing before studying abroad.  Leave family heirlooms and keepsakes at home.

  • Passport Pouch/Travel Wallet: These are essential items to keep your passport safe while traveling. You can lose almost anything while traveling and continue on, but you don't want to lose your passport.
  • Outlet adapters and electricity converters: Where ever you go, you will most likely encounter a different shape plug in the wall or a different electricity current.  Know what you will find in country.
  • Luggage: Whether you travel with traditional luggage on wheels, with a pack on your back, or some combination, is a matter of personal preference. You want to keep in mind what type of traveling you will be doing and what will be the easiest for you to maneuver.