Global Business Leadership Department


The global business environment — in which change is a constant — requires a different type of leader. This new leader must have functional knowledge and analytical skills, yet be adept at leading teams of innovators.  These leaders must have a global mindset that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to see common patterns across countries and markets.  

Overview of Programs

  • One of a kind undergraduate program with a specific global focus preparing students to have an unparalleled set of skills and leadership qualities for the 21st century business world
  • A yearlong cohort of business courses at the sophomore level serve as a building block to prepare students with a global mindset
  • Senior-level strategic analysis tools introduced in the sophomore year
  • Twelve four-week sophomore seminar topic sessions
  • Diverse and international faculty with solid academic and corporate experiences
  • National and international internship opportunities across North America, China, Hong Kong, India, Chile, and Bosnia
  • Juniors and seniors take upper level core classes in global business and seniors take a capstone advanced global strategy course
  • Intense, semester-long applied team research projects and presentations
  • Strong alumnae/i network across the globe
  • Nationally recognized student leadership opportunities through such groups as Enactus, Case Study Competition Team (S.A.M.), Mayo Scholars and the Marketing Club