Elizabeth Bosiacki '18


Elizabeth Bosiacki

Major: Global Business Leadership
Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota

Why study global business at a liberal arts college?

I decided to study business at a liberal arts college because of the ample room for growth and opportunities available.

What makes the global business program at CSB/SJU unique?

Global business is such a broad major with so many different career paths to explore. However, having the opportunity to be exposed to many different topics through the Sophomore Cohorts in the length of a year makes our business program unique from others.

Tell us about your internship experience.

I interned at C.H. Robinson, which is a third-party logistics company, as an account coordinator/ sales intern in the summer of 2017. In a general sense, I was responsible for outsourcing trucks to get my customers products from point A to point B. One of the greatest things I learned from this internship is that patience is key. It can be extremely frustrating when a customer is upset with you for something that is out of your control. An example of this was I had a truck driver give me false information that he was getting unloaded at the designated warehouse for that product. When the customer then asked me where the truck was I fed them the information I was given by the driver, not knowing it was untrue. This in return made the customer very angry at me because they had trusted me to give them accurate information. It ended up being miscommunication and unintentional from all parties. I had to call the customer, which was not an easy conversation, and explain the situation. In the end, this led to a stronger relationship being built between the customer and myself because they saw that I was being truthful and doing everything in my power to figure out what was going on and fix it.

What advice do you have for students looking for internships.

Leverage the Bennie/Johnnie network as much as possible. This is a big part of how I landed my internship! Along with that, attend the job fairs and networking events on campus.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am going to be a Sales Executive at C.H. Robinson.