Gender Studies

Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Gender Studies program offers an interdisciplinary course of study that examines gender and sexuality from social, cultural, and biological perspectives. The program is founded on close collaboration among academic departments. It uses a plurality of theoretical approaches and emphasizes the intersections among gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity and nationality. The program supports the institutional missions of CSB/SJU by promoting an integrated liberal arts education, leading students to a better understanding of the complexities and diversity of the human condition, and fostering the personal growth of women and men.

Gender Studies Majors and Minors will:

Outcome 1

Understand sex and gender as social constructs that are intersectional and vary across time, space, or culture.

Outcome 2

Reflect on how constructs of sex and gender apply to their own lives as well as their interactions with others.

Outcome 3

Cultivate interest in societal concerns related to sex, gender, and inequality.

Outcome 4

Cultivate the habit of questioning gender constructs, both in and out of the classroom.

Outcome 5

Understand, compare, and evaluate a range of gender theories from multiple disciplines that inform and structure the field of Gender Studies.

Outcome 6

Understand, analyze, and critique social and cultural systems of power that create and reinforce hierarchies of difference.

Outcome 7

Develop the skills – analytical and activist – to become agents of change regarding justice and gender equality in their local and international communities.

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