Fall 2020 Virtual Programming

Tuesday, October 6
Anti-Racism Panel - Policing
(The panel includes Natalie Ringsmuth from UniteCloud)

Sponsored by Political Science Department

Tuesday, October 20
Farry Lecture: Catherine (Cate) H. Palczewski, Ph.D.
"Parades, Pickets, and Prison: Embodied Arguments for Woman Suffrage, 1913-1919."

The 1913 D.C. woman suffrage parade; the 1917-1919 pickets, protests, and arrests of the Silent Sentinels; and the 1919 Prison Special are complex discursive and presentational arguments in which women enacted their citizenship while simultaneously exposing their vulnerability to the state and to ostensible male protectors. The National Woman’s Party’s rhetorical actions in parades, pickets, and imprisonment constitute eloquent verbal and visual responses to the complex set of arguments levied against suffrage.

Catherine (Cate) H. Palczewski, Ph.D., is a Professor of Communication Studies and Affiliate Faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Northern Iowa, where she also served as the Director of Debate from 1994-2009. She teaches courses in rhetorical theory and criticism, the rhetoric and performance of social protest, argumentation, gender in communication, and political communication. She received her B., MA, and PhD from Northwestern University.  

Sponsored by Political Science Department