Fall 2018 IWL Events

Abortion is a Feminist Issue

September 3rd   7pm Upper Gorecki

As part of our semester-long talk series, the IWL will be sponsoring a discussion between pro-choice feminists and feminists for life. Why do feminists diverge on the issue of abortion? Find out more about feminist's diverging viewpoints at this event.

Women in the Workplace Podcast Group

September 11th, 18th, 25th   7pm-9pm 

October 2nd   Murray Hall Conference Room            

Join the IWL in listening and discussing a series of podcasts about women in the workplace. Some of the issues covered are wage negotiation, making ones voice heard, making the most of ones ambition and more. 

Sustainability is a Feminist Issue?

September 24th   7pm Upper Gorecki

As part of our semester-long talk series, the IWL will host a discussion on sustainability and how it is related to feminism and feminist issues. 

Family Dynamics

October 4th   6-7pm Gorecki 120

Join IWl for a discussion on family dynamics. Often family dynamics are related to the culture and customs individuals are a part of. This talk will discuss the gender roles that exist in the family and what it means to be a family. 

International Day of the Girl "She Can do Anything"

October 11th    Gorecki 120 and Fireside

Come learn about different girl's and women's lives from around the world and visit the tables and wall displays set up in Gorecki Fireside. Learn how you can help girls build confidence in themselves and help them realize thier potental. 

God Talk is a Feminist Issue

October 22nd   7pm Upper Gorecki

As part of our semester-long talk series, come learn about how gender is used in religion and how it affects our perceptions and conceptions of God. 

Brave Space/Safe Space Training

October 30th   Presidents Dining Room

In support of LGBT history month, IWL and PRiSM will be providing safe space training to educate others on what safe and brave spaces are and how to create them/ support them within our comunity. 

Bennies Around the World

November 6th   9am-12pm Gorecki Fireside

Learn about the expierence of Bennies who went on the summer study abroad trip to Rwanda and how they have gained a more global perspective on social issues in the world. 

Lunch with a Leader

November 7th   TRC boardroom

Join us in welcoming Patina Park, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center for Lunch and discussion of native/indigenous expierences in Minnesota as well as difficulties that indigenous women face. 

Period Packages

November 14th   7pm-8pm IWL Office

In support of hunger and homelessness awareness week, come help us create care packages and acquire supplies for women who are in need of support.

Globalization is a Feminist Issue

November 26th   7pm Upper Gorecki

As part of our semester-long talk series, learn about how globalization affects women and feminist issues. This discussion will also cover how local decisions can affect women on a global scale.

Gender Summit

November 29th   4pm-8pm Upper Gorecki

The Gender Summit is a platform for CSBSJU students and faculty to present and discuss thier research as it pertains to the field of Gender and Sexuality. This forum includes a look ito a wide varity of gender issues, movements, and theories along with a presentation from a keynote speaker. This Summit allows CSBSJU to analyze our world through the lens of gender.