Orchestral Lunacy: Tomáš Kubínek with the CSB/SJU Orchestra

He's a certified lunatic and master of the impossible, and he's back! The physical poet, needless risk-taker, and all-around clown Tomáš Kubínek returns to CSB/SJU for a second time, after he had audiences in stiches back in 2010.

This time, Maestro Kubínek will play with his penchant for classical music, putting CSB/SJU's student orchestra to the test with his absurd inventions, vaudevillian masterpieces, and all-out-anarchy. The night's repertoire will feature orchestral works by Mozart, Dvorák, Bach, Beethoven, and Verdi with a touch of the Three Stooges. Orchestral Lunacy is the only way to describe the wildly inventive and entertaining show that will make audiences cry with joyous laughter.

Conversation with the Conductor:

Dr. J. David Arnott will lead an informal discussion about the night's repertoire beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall, BAC.

Orchestral Lunacy: Tomáš Kubínek with the CSB/SJU Orchestra is sponsored, in part, by Bernick's, Palmer Printing and Central Minnesota Credit Union.