Mercy Killers

A play by Michael Milligan
Directed by Tom Oppenheim

Mercy Killers is an unflinching look at what can go wrong with health care in the United States, even when you've done everything right.

Mercy Killers traces the emotional journey of a man who fights for his wife's life using every resource he can muster. Joe is a staunch believer in the American way of life. But when his beloved wife is diagnosed with cancer, Joe finds the bedrock of his life, marriage, and identity shifting under him. Mercy Killers is a surprisingly tender love story about an everyday American guy who ultimately must grapple with decisisions he never imagined he'd have to consider.

The performances will be followed by a panel discussion, exploring the complex issues and realities impacting healthcare today.

  • Winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Fringe First Award
  • *Adult content and strong language

Mercy Killers is sponsored, in part, by Wilkie Sanderson