Heritage Blues Orchestra

Blues lovers rave about Heritage Blues Orchestra, calling them a "one-band blues festival!"

The Heritage Blues Orchestra Quintet performs music that takes audiences on a journey through the American South to explore the very roots of the blues: haunting work songs, hand clapping gospel, and gritty low-down blues are just some of the genres they touch on. Beginning with the Middle Passage and moving from chain-gangs and juke joints to church pews, Louisiana bayous to back country porches, the Heritage Blues Orchestra's music is a testament to the beauty and legacy of African-American music.

"Heritage Blues Orchestra is dedicated to reviving and keeping alive the blues. Their repertoire is encyclopedic, a survey of blues styles from field hollers to spirituals, Delta blues to big-city Chicago electric blues." - Vintage Guitar Magazine

Heritage Blues Orchestra is sponsored, in part, by HealthPartners of Central Minnesota, Proviant Group, Centrasota Oral Surgeons, and KBEM Jazz 88.5 FM