2017-18 Financial Aid Instructions

 2017-2018 Financial Aid

CSB/SJU Financial Aid Application

Special Circumstances

Early FAFSA for 2017-18:

President Obama signed an executive order that will allow families to complete the 2017-18 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using income information from the 2015 tax return, the same income information reported on the 2016-17 FAFSA.  As a result, the 2017-18 FAFSA will be available October 1 2016.  This new timeline will allow families to report final, accurate income information on the FAFSA, as the vast majority of aid applicants will have already completed their 2015 taxes by this date.

The CSB/SJU financial aid office will maintain the June 1, 2017 priority deadline during this transition year.  Much of our time in the Fall and Winter is dedicated to reviewing newly-admitted students' aid applications, so we cannot commit to early awards for returning students who submit the FAFSA on this earlier timeline.

Please contact the CSB or SJU financial aid office with any questions.  For more information about the Early FAFSA, click here: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/fafsa-changes

 Make sure you have your FSA ID ready as you begin the FAFSA.  For more information on the FSA ID watch the following video on how to create an FSA ID 

June 1 is the recommended deadline to apply for need-based financial aid, (grants, student loans, on-campus employment).  Please note: financial aid applications will be accepted after June 1.

Your financial aid award will be e-mailed to your campus email beginning in early June.


Steps to Apply for Financial Aid 2017-2018

Complete the FAFSA. Be sure to use www.fafsa.gov, not fafsa.com.

Use the appropriate Federal School Code:

College of Saint Benedict: 002341

Saint John's University: 002379

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool on www.fafsa.gov is currently unavailable.  The Department of Education and the IRS are working to resolve the issue.  However, at this time, the IRS anticipates the online data tool will be unavailable until at least October.   

This does not limit families' ability to apply for aid.  Applicants have other options while the data retrieval tool is unavailable.  Applicants filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can provide the requested financial information from their tax returns.  The online FAFSA remains operational, and applicants can continue filing out the FAFSA as they normally would. 

CSB/SJU Financial Aid Application

You may be asked to complete the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Application and Certification Page, in addition to the FAFSA.  For example, if you are selected for verification, these forms will be required.  You will be notified of this requirement via your campus email.

NEW: Students whose FAFSA is selected for verification are normally required to submit a tax return transcript to the financial aid office, but recent guidance from the U.S. Department of Education now allows us to accept a signed copy of the 2015 IRS tax retun.  Therefore either a tax return or a tax return transcript are acceptable documentation for verification purposes until further notice. 

If the Financial Aid Office has indicated that you are an independent student please fill out the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Application for Independent Students and Certification Page, in addition to the FAFSA.

Special Circumstances

We recognize that the FAFSA does not always provide a clear picture of your family's financial situation.  You may complete the CSB/SJU Special Circumstances Form to report family financial information that might impact your aid eligibility.  Circumstances that may be considered include the following:

  • Loss of employment
  • Other loss or significant change of income
  • High unreimbursed medical and/or dental expenses
  • K-12 parochial school tuition expenses